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Our School

Code of conduct

(A detailed code of conduct is in the school diary and parents are to sign.)


We pledge to:

  • Dress and act in a professional manner at all times.
  • Be and to keep updated with developments in matters didactic, and to display preparedness and enthusiasm in all tasks pertaining to the profession.
  • Liaise and communicate with parents, learners and other educators, when necessary to obtain the best outcomes for all.
  • Promote the interests of Parkrand Primary School within the community whenever possible.
  • Prepare and equip learners, through child centred education, with life skills, in a secure and disciplined environment.


We pledge to:

  • Adhere to the rules of Parkrand Primary School
  • Behave in an acceptable manner at all times so as not to disrupt, or impede the progress and enjoyment of others
  • Work to the best of one’s ability
  • Take pride in the School Uniform, and to behave in a manner becoming of, and a credit to, Parkrand Primary School
  • Participate with determination in the educational, sporting and cultural facets of school
  • Be punctual


We pledge to :

  • Be fully supportive of the School in all respects
  • Ensure that our children are punctual, attend school regularly, adhere to the school rules, and are equipped materially for their education
  • Assist the School in the promotion of the best interests of our children’s development and progress
  • Inculcate, as parents, socially acceptable values, norms and morals in our children.

School Song

Parkrand you are our alma mater
True and firm we stand
Against the perils of our future
In this blessed land
Yet steadfast we shall travel
To meet our distant goal ̓
Behave yourself ̓ and  ̔ do your work ̓
Will always see you through us
The blue and gold forever
We do belong to you
‘Only the Best ̓  ̔ Only the Best ̓
We Pledge to you – Only our best.