Jul 23

Time keeping

The following letter went out today: 23 July 2015


22 July 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Late coming has increased, it is of critical importance for your child to be at school on time.

School starts at 7.30am after which a line up in the quad takes place and then registration.

Both of these are often missed

Children arriving after 7.30 upset the smooth running of the School, registration and classes are disrupted. A child might be marked absent but there after arrives late, this cause’s unnecessary work for the Educators.


Our Educators ensure on a daily basis that they are on time to educate your children, unfortunately not all children and parents are doing this in return.

  • Being on time teaches children discipline for the rest of their lives, for all aspects of their lives.
  • It demonstrates that you are diligent and dependable
  • It indicates you honour yourself and, your School
  • It shows you have respect for other people and that, you care as much about their time as you do for your own.

Lateness will not be tolerated.

We understand that “life can happen” and the odd occurrence can cause lateness but, certainly not every day. Heavy traffic and load shedding are a cause to leave home earlier to anticipate either of these.

Here are a few of the reasons our children are late, according to the children:

  • Mum/Dad/guardian woke me up late
  • The taxi was late
  • Mum/Dad/Guardian was still sleeping
  • Granny didn’t set the alarm
  • Oupa got up late
  • I went to bed late and I was tired this morning
  • I couldn’t find my tie


All of these reasons are controllable and preventable by the parent/guardian.

  • Entrance into School:


Gate 6 is the Grade R Entrance – all parents are to use this gate and not bring their children through the front office – this is not permitted.

Gates 3 & 6 – are access points. Children must be brought to the gates and bid farewell at the gates.

From Monday 27th July children must not be brought through the front office with the parent accompanying them into School.

Confrontations with staff members will not be entertained, this is for the safety and security of our learners and our staff.

In certain cases when it is totally necessary for the parent to enter our School, (the exception rather than the norm) the parent must sign the access register and, be given a pass card which, must be returned to front office upon their departure.

The front office will only serve entry into School for late arrivals where, the child’s name and grade will be noted down for demerit purposes.

All parents are requested to comply.

If for a specific reason you need to collect your child early from School, please phone the front office and advise them. Please do not come to School without prior notice.

Appointments with Teachers can be made via the homework diary, please utilize the system.


Please note that the following cannot be dropped off at front office for a child:

  • Bags
  • PT uniform
  • Money
  • Food
  • Cell phones


Drop offs are prohibited.

Monday 27TH July demerits will be instituted for late comers. After three demerits have accumulated for being late for School, within a four week period, your child will have to serve a detention on a Friday at 2pm.

Let us all start the term with positivity and, ensure our children are on time for School.


Kind Regards,


MRS VIGUS-BROWN                                                                                                      MR B SCHUNKE

DISCIPLINE COORDINATOR                                                                                          HEADMASTER