Apr 25



22 April 2016


Dear parents / guardians,

All learners are to use the correct school bags / suitcases as indicated in the Code of Conduct (pg 10; point 12.6) of the school Homework diary. Only navy blue bags are allowed, NO other colours.



12.6.1    Navy blue school bags displaying the school’s badge.

12.6.2    Solid navy blue caddy bags (no 2 tone colours).

12.6.3    School bags must be marked with the owner’s name prominently on the outside.

12.6.4    School bags must be big enough to take all their necessary books, workbooks, textbooks,                                                                                       stationery, lunch etc.

12.6.5    All school bags must have support inside to hold books upright and to protect them.

12.6.6    Navy blue school kit bags displaying the school’s badge.


No small plastic box cases are allowed. Please ensure you child is using the correct school bag and kit bag at all times. Your co-operation with regards to this matter is highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,


MRS A. SMITH                                                                                                   MR B. SCHUNKE

Deputy Principal                                                                                              Headmaster