Feb 09


RCL Camp 2016

On the morning of the 29th January, we woke up all excited.  The day had finally arrived and we were going on camp.  We left school around 10:00 that morning.  The drive took about 2 hours.  We stopped half way for something to eat at “Burger King”, as we were all very hungry, the food was delicious. We arrived at the resort at about 13:00. The coaches of H & H Adventures divided us into our dormitories.  They were awesome!

We had to change into our swimming costumes and had an exhilarating swim, as it was extremely hot. After the cool down, we started our activities.  The first activity involved carrying a potato between your legs.  The rule was that the potato wasn’t allowed above your knees.  We had to walk from one chair to the other. We were split into 2 teams: “Potatoes” and “Warriors”.

Our next activities were shooting and archery.  Mrs Kruger surprised us all as she was the best shooter – those naughty students in her class better watch out!

Early that evening we were told to produce a play which included our own original name for a country, song, rules, flag, a war cry and a made up animal from our “country”.  We had an hour and a half to come up with everything.

After a lovely meal, we had to present our country to our guides and opposite teams.  The Potatoes’ presentation was very good, but the Warriors were even better!  We were told to wash our dishes and get ready for a hike.  The boys were super excited.

Our hike took 2 hours and some of us realised how unfit we really are. We got to bed around 01:00am totally exhausted.

We were up the next morning at 07:00, and went for breakfast, bacon and eggs was on the menu.

The first activity for the day was river tubing.  It took some skill, but it was great fun!  We had to go over rapids and some of us were a little nervous at first.  The next activity on the agenda was to teach us about “trust”.  Some of us were blind folded and had to push another person in a wheelbarrow.  Again the Warriors took the lead and won.  The guides did some leadership activities with us – some of them were quite challenging.

Then we went to play paintball, using sling shots.  This time eventually the Potatoes took the lead and won 2:1.  We got to swim after running around.  Our next activity was abseiling, this was a lot of fun.  Back at the dorms, we had to get ready for supper.  After supper, we played a game where we had to guess what the name of a song was and who the singer was.  Some of our answers were very funny and we had some great laughs.  We then partied till about 23:00, as it was our last night.

The following morning after a healthy breakfast, we got to watch the DVD of us all doing all our activities.  The photos were very funny.  We left camp around 10:00.  The prefects were very sad to leave, the weekend had come to an end.  Great friends were made and we learnt a lot.

Thank you Mr Schunke, Mrs Ebersohn, Mrs Kruger and Coach Maryke for a wonderful and great weekend.

Casey Jarvis


RCL leadership camp at H&H Adventures

By Nikita Azevedo, Grade 7G


When Mrs. Kruger announced that all of the prefects were going on an exhilarating trip to H&H Adventures for leadership camp, I knew that is was going to be an incredible opportunity for me to try new (and maybe a little frightening) things.


On the morning of departure, I woke up with an extreme amount of enthusiasm.  From giddily boarding the bus, to delightfully arriving at the camp, every emotion in my body was heightened.  We spent our few days being physically active… we swam in the inviting pool, shot paintballs at each other and hiked up a massive mountain!


At camp, I thoroughly enjoyed being outdoors and becoming one with Mother Nature, although all of her little insects that kept me up all night.  Experiencing nature also made me realise how awesome God really is!


I experienced shooting with a bow and arrow for the first time, abseiling and rafting over the rapids which boosted my confidence.  I was thrilled to see that it was okay to have your face plastered with dough no matter how terrifying you looked and that there was nothing wrong with acting a bit silly sometimes.  In the activities, it was important to co-operate and respect each other as a team in order to succeed and to remember that you’ll win some and lose some, but you should always be humble in victory and gracious in defeat.  A valuable lesson that I learnt was to never give up when you still have something to give and that nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying.  But most of importantly – believe in yourself and have fun!


I left leadership camp with a few scrapes and bruises but that’s alright because I had a blast.  I am grateful that my teachers and principal of Parkrand Primary allowed me to go on this fun-filled adventure with everlasting memories.


To conclude, I think camp was a fantastic experience.


The most impeccable trip in History!


There is blissfulness written all over the faces of the RCL executives of Parkrand Primary.  The children travelled to Potchefstroom to test their leadership skills at H&H Adventure camp.

We wanted to begin the trip with a fun activity so we had a swim.  After the swim, we started doing activities that would teach us about leadership, but in extremely hilarious ways. For example: we had to find a way to carry a potato beneath our waist, in between our thighs for about two meters, and if you drop the potato, you had to find a way to pick it up (using only the bottom half of your body!). In this challenge, they split us into two teams, just to find out which team knows how to concentrate because concentration is an important part of leadership.

We also played a game called: “Horses, Knights and Cavaliers”. We had to split up into pairs.  If the guide called out “Horses”, one person had to jump on their friend’s back.  If they called out “Knights”, one person had to sit on another’s knee, and if “Cavaliers” was called out, one person had to carry the other in his/her arms.  This challenge was a tad bit difficult because you have to listen to the guide and you have to be speedy with our responses.

My favourite challenge was when we had to dip our faces into flour after it was dipped in some water.  You then had to find a peg in the flour, using your face only.  If you found a peg, you had to peg it on a line again using your face only!

Later on we did archery and shooting which taught us to aim.  We were split into two groups with the instruction to prepare a play which needed to include the following:  an original made up country, create our own unique flag, national animal and anthem.  This was where our leadership skills came out.

At midnight we went for a hike, can you believe it?  We hiked up a huge mountain and we could see the Vaal dam.  It was difficult and very sweaty, but we had to carry on because leaders don’t give up.  After a long day, we went back to our dorms and fell asleep.

The next day was even better.  We went to the Vaal river, filled with crocodiles and we river rafted. It was amazing but scary at the same time.  After rafting we had another challenge. We had to balance 16 nails on one nail.  None of the teams won, but we had tons of fun trying to come up with a solution.  We also had to build a wheelbarrow to carry one person from one end to another with the person pushing, being blind folded.  This challenge was all about communication and patience.  We did paintball and abseiling – both were really fun and frightening.  Later that night we played “Noot vir Noot”.  Some people’s music knowledge was so good, we thought they had studied the play list.

Group 1 won with Group 4 coming a close second place.  One of the songs we had to sing, was “Baby Tjoklits”  What a day!

The next morning after packing up, dressing up and eating, we left.  It was amazing and I hope to go there again someday.

Bohlale Mahlare Gr 7G