Jan 14

Newsletter number one / term one 2016


                                                                                                                                                 15th January 2016



Dear Parents/Guardians

As we embrace 2016 may I take this opportunity to wish all our families, blessings and good health for the year that lies ahead.  The first newsletter for the academic year contains a great deal of information such as dates of events, Parents’ Evenings and also reminds parents and learners of important dates.


May I take this opportunity in welcoming the following new staff members to our school Miss Smith, Miss Wilmot and Miss De Oliviera.  We hope your association with Parkrand Primary will be a blessed sojourn.

 Congratulations are extended to Mr and Mrs Ogilvie (Miss Holshausen) who were married during the December holidays, may your marriage be filled with many blessings.

 To our new learners and their families a warm ‘Parkrand’ welcome.


The following educators will be the academic staff for 2016.


Headmaster                                       :               Mr Schunke

Deputy Principals                             :               Mrs Smith

                                                                             Mrs Ebersohn

HOD Guidance                                  :               Mrs Moodley

HOD Discipline                                  :               Mrs Vigus-Brown

Grade R                                               :               Mrs Paterson, Mrs Hill

Grade One                                          :               Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Pillay, Mrs Lessing, Mrs Irving

Grade Two                                          :               Mrs Hughes, Mrs Lochenberg, Mrs Barske, Mrs Krynauw

Grade Three                                       :               Mrs Rorich, Miss Nel, Mrs Fourie, Miss O’Kelly

Grade Four                                         :               Mr Abel, Mrs T Louw, Miss van der Walt, Miss De Oliviera

Grade Five                                          :               Mrs Botha, Mrs Ogilvie, Miss Smith, Miss Wilmot

Grade Six                                            :               Miss Bezuidenhout, Mrs M Louw, Mrs van Loggerenberg,

                                                                              Mrs Naidoo

Grade Seven                                     :               Mrs Gardiner, Mrs MacCarron, Mrs Arundel, Mr Koekemoer

                                                                             Mrs Kruger, Mrs A Moodley

Sports Department                            :               Coach Maryke, Coach Kiki, Coach Armand, Coach Khaya

Computers                                          :               Mr Botha.



Without wanting to belabour the need for parents to contribute towards educating their children, it

remains a fact that an institution such as ours is totally dependent on school fees.    School Fees can

be paid directly into the school account.  Details are as follows:


 Nedbank                             :               Sunward Place

Account Number              :               1904 147 852

Branch Number`               :               190 442

Kindly remember to fax your details to the school, so we know who made the deposit.  Please use

your account number as beneficiary reference (e.g. 3BART01).  Fax to 011 913 1252.
Attention Mrs 



School fees Grade 1 – 7                 :               R1 160 x 10 (R11 600-00)

Stationery Pack Grade One         :               R1 080-00

Book Fees – Grade 2 – 7                                                R   600-00


Discount Options

Option 1- 10% if settled in full by 31st January 2016 – R10 440-00

Option 2 – 5% if settled in full by 28th February 2016 – R11 020-00


Grade O fees                                      :               R1 400-00

Stationery Pack                                  :               R   800-00

Outings                                                :               R   800-00


Fundraising                                        :               R 1000-00

 Aftercare fees                                   :               R   650-00 x 11

Casual aftercare                               :               R    70-00

Casual holidays per day                :               R    95-00.



Kindly find attached a copy of the Events Programme pertaining to Term One 2016.



Find attached a copy of the Extra Mural Programme, which will commence as from the

18TH January 2016. Please note that the Extra Mural Programme for Athletics operates strictly from

the 18th January 2016  until the 29th January 2016.   The second phase of the Extra

Mural Programme commences on the 8th February 2016 until the  4th March 2016.                                            .


Chess will commence on the 8th February 2016  for Grade One to Grade Three learners, in

Mrs M Louw’s classroom (C6) from 14h00 until 16h00.



Acquaintance Evening will be held on the 18 January 2016 at 19h00 for the Foundation Phase and on

19th January 2016 at 19h00 for the Intersen Phase.    Venue: School hall.        

This meeting has proved most beneficial in the past and I would like to encourage every parent

to attend.  Parents are please to meet in the hall for a short address by the Headmaster before

dispersing to the various classrooms.




To orientate our New Grade R learners into their new milieu, learners may leave at 12h00 until the

22 January 2016.   Grade One learners will leave at 13h00 for the first week.   Should parents

experience problems collecting their children according to the above times, our educators will

supervise your child until the end of the School day which is 13h50.



The PTA holds a very special place in the running and organizing of activities in our school.

It is a forum where friendship and much camaraderie is enjoyed by parents and staff alike.  Over the

years this motivated band has seen many successes and had a lot of enjoyment along the way.

Parents, your involvement will not only benefit you, but more importantly your children as well.


The first meeting of the year will be held on the 21ST January 2016 in the school hall,

starting at 19h00.


Aim of the PTA

The aim of this Association is to promote the goodwill and welfare of the children, parents and

Educators of this school and to lend support to the Governing Body.


Function of the PTA

  • To organise general meetings of parents as often as possible in order to give parents many opportunities of meeting and to promote friendly relations between parents and those who are responsible for the affairs of the school i.e. Headmaster, educators and Governing Body.
  • To convene meetings and organise functions with the objective of raising funds for the school.
  • To lend assistance to the school whenever called upon e.g. helping with extra-mural activities such as athletics meetings and coaching learners in various games.



  • Membership will be open to both parents and guardians of the learners attending the school.
  • Membership shall be open to all educators at the school with the special proviso that they will not be inevitably bound by any resolutions passed by the Association.


The tuck shop is in desperate need of assistance. We need mothers to assist us in selling food to our learners at break.

A Mothers’ Association AGM will take place in the staffroom on the morning of the 20th January 2016, starting at 10H30.    All mothers, grannies or other family members are invited to attend.


Aim of Mothers’ Association

The aim of the Association is to promote the goodwill and welfare of the children, parents and educators of the school and to lend support to the Governing Body.



The Mothers’ Committee is a sub-committee of the Governing Body and assists as part of the workforce during fundraising and other School functions.

The Mothers’ Committee is responsible for running the tuck shop on a daily basis during first and second break.

The tuck shop will be open before school and after school and for sporting events.



  • Membership will be open to parents, grandmothers and guardians of the learners attending the school
  • Either the Chairlady or the Vice Chairlady of the Mothers’ Committee must attend all PTA meetings.


A tuckshop menu is attached.



It is a legislated departmental law that learners are dropped off at school on time.  Late arrivals disrupt classes and teachers and inculcates wrong values with regard to the importance of punctuality.   One is sympathetic if pupils are late for legitimate reasons but not so in other cases.  Parents please assist me with this matter.




Please find attached a supporter card application for MySchool.  To all those parents who have not

completed such a form and wish to do so please complete this form and return it to your child’s homeroom (register teacher).


MySchool is a programme that provides sustainable financial support to education.  On the reverse side of the application form information can be obtained pertaining to the operation of this system.

Please note that Ms Naidoo is in charge of the MySchool card project.

The family that utilizes their card the most will be rewarded with a monetary prize.



First Term            :               13-01-16 to 18-03-16

Second Term      :               05-04-16 t0 24-06-16

Third Term          :               18-07-16 to 30-07-16

Fourth Term       :               10-10-16 to 07-12-16



With the intensive professional demands made on staff during the school day the Headmaster requires parents to make an appointment which is convenient to the member of staff before he will give permission for a meeting to take place.  Parents will not be seen without an appointment.



Thank you to our parents who have ensured that our learners have started the school year in correct school attire and look very smart.  Girls are reminded that dresses must be knee-length at all times. Please ensure that all items of clothing are marked with your child’s name.  This is especially important as our children have to change into their Physical Education kit for Physical Education lessons.


Jewellery, bracelets, necklaces, rings, make-up, nail extensions and cluster earrings may not be worn or brought to school.

Girls may wear gold or silver round studs and the thin round sleepers.

Learners must have a conventional hairstyle which is acceptable to the school.

Learners are ambassadors for the school and must be in full school uniform on their way to and from school each day.  Track-suit tops are not acceptable as outdoor coats.

The swop shop will operate between 08h00 and 10h00 daily in the back of the hall.



Learners are encouraged not to bring mobile phones to school, but should you feel that it is essential for your child to have one, they are to be handed in to the register teacher for safe keeping.

Should a learner not abide by this arrangement, his/her mobile phone will be confiscated and a fine of R100-00 will be imposed for the retrieval of the phone.  The phone will be returned to the learners after one week.  Your child’s register teacher will not be held responsible for loss/damage to mobile phones under any circumstances.



Parents are strongly advised not to take their child out of school during term time for family holidays.  When learners are absent from school the absence must be accounted for by parents.  Please inform the school by telephone no later than 10h00 (011 895 5123/4).



May I take this opportunity to wish all those associated with Parkrand Primary a blessed and rewarding term.