Aug 18


18 August 2016


Dear Grade 7 Parents / Guardians,


It is with great concern that I address this letter to you. It was brought to my attention that our Grade 7 learners are not studying for their cycle tests and class assessments.

We would like to inform you that in order for your child to progress to Grade 8, it is imperative that a Grade 7  learner achieves a minimum of 50% for English; 40% for Afrikaans and 40% for Mathematics.

This means that the learner has to work diligently throughout the year and not only during the examination period.

The Grade 7 Educators have experienced accumulating circumstances regarding learners not completing their homework; not studying for tests; assessments and bad behaviour in class. Absenteeism is also a major concern. Learners are missing out on important concepts that are being taught in class and therefore are experiencing difficulty in completing outstanding work.

The learners are in the final stages of being prepared for high school and taking responsibility for their own work is a crucial skill required of them. While it is a good idea to let them take responsibility it is still necessary to check their books at random. This will indicate if the learner is up to date with their school work.

It is essential that good homework and study habits are maintained right up until the end of the year. The end-of-year exams count 60% of the whole year’s mark, which can have a significant impact on your child’s results.

We implore with parents to supervise their children’s school books and to encourage their children to study. Dedication to studies will only reap a positive outcome. A heartfelt ‘thank you’ to the learners that always give of their best, we are very proud of you. I would also like to thank our dedicated parents for your on-going support.  It is appreciated.


Yours sincerely,




Deputy Principal