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4 March 2016


Dear Parents & Guardians,

Parkrand Primary school would like to offer a study skills workshop to our learners with the Proactive education group, who have been a trusted curriculum source amongst schools throughout the country for 16 years.

This workshop is designed to equip learners with the essential skills needed to cope with studying for exams as well as, effeciently undertaking an exam paper. This will assist learners in the school enviroment and beyond.

The study skills workshop includes the following basic categories aimed at each developmental age:

The iceberg of life (Working from the bottom up) How my brain works (left brain and right brain)
Understanding my academic personality Work smart not hard
Goal setting (study time table) Monitoring your own learning advancement
Where and how to study Summarizing your notes
Memory and mind maps How to answer exam questions
Tackling an exam paper Exam tips
Managing stress Good eating habits (brain food)
An exam physical exercise programme  


Date: Saturday 7 May 2016  Time: 9am (please be punctual)

(Parents are welcome to attend at no extra cost)


Duration and cost

Grade 4 and 5

 2 hours – Cost: R 100.00 per learner

Grade 6 and 7

3 hours – Cost: R120.00 per learner




Payment may not be later than 25 April 2016 as, this must be booked, confirmed and paid in full before the time.

There will be limited space available, your payment will secure your place.

Please note that due to the subject matter, younger children may not accompany you or, their older sibling.





Mrs Vigus-Brown                                 Mrs Ebersohn                                            Mr. Schunke

HEAD OF DISCIPLINE                             DEPUTY PRINCIPAL                                   HEADMASTER




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Name of parent: ______________________________

Name of child and grade: _________________________________


I would like my child to attend the study skills workshop (money to be given to registered teacher)


I would not like my child to attend