Aug 25


24 August 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,


Civvies day is a privilege and not a right, it has come to the School’s attention that it is being abused by a large proportion of pupils, especially the girls.

Girls are wearing makeup, this is strictly prohibited.

A girl found to be wearing makeup on a civvies day will have to come to the office and wash their face.

Provocative clothing of any kind is also not allowed – we are a Primary School!

Can parents please check on a civvies day that their child is dressed in an appropriate manner, wearing no makeup.


Summer uniform is allowed to be worn now and, is officially worn from the 1st September.

We have noted already that some School dresses are too short and are not in accordance with the Schools Code of Conduct.

Dresses may not be shorter than 5cm’s above the knee. P10 Girls Summer Uniform 12.2.1 in the Schools diary.

Children grow at such a rate from season to season, please check the length of your daughters dress.

*Please remember, we do have a swop shop, shorter dresses can be exchanged for longer ones.

We have noticed that some boy’s shorts are too tight and, their shirts are too short and are not tucking in. Please check sizing on your child.

*The swop shop may be able to help you with larger sizes.

The swop shop is located in an office at the back of the Hall. Edna Botha is in charge of the swop shop. There are numerous unclaimed items, parents are more than welcome to come along and check if items belong to them.


Several of our children come to School with sweets in their lunch boxes instead of nutritious food.

Please refrain from supplying your child with sweets, maybe only supply on a Friday as a treat.

Hyper activeness and attention deficit is wide spread, supplying sweets increases the problem.

Imagine being a teacher with a class full of hyperactive children – it doesn’t bear the thought!


“We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle


Kind Regards,


MRS VIGUS-BROWN                                                                                                      MR SCHUNKE

DISCIPLINE OFFICER                                                                                                    HEADMASTER