May 23

Grandparents Day

“Grandparents Day” is an annual, themed event, on the Grade R’s calendar.

This event has been running for 10 years and started off in the Grade ‘R’ Centres garden before it moved to the hall to accommodate the +/- 200 guests.

Grandparents are given an opportunity to spend 2 hours of quality time with their grandchild, participating in activities, taking a tour through the Grade ‘R’ Centre, purchasing their grandchild’s artwork and enjoying the entertainment supplied by both the Grade ‘R’ learners and a hired entertainer while drinking tea and enjoying etas supplied by the parents.

This fun-filled morning is well supported, with a group of VIP guests from Alan Woodrow Park and Ryn Park joining us each year and often standing in as substitute grannies for those learners who do not have grandparents.

We follow a theme each year and at the end of the morning, send our guests home with a well-stocked “goody bag.”

This year “Grandparents Day” was held on the 15th April 2016. ┬áIt was a huge success and really kept the guests on their toes.

Go to our gallery to view our Grandparents Day photos.