Sep 11

Grade 6 Parents Letter

8 September 2017


Dear Grade 6 Parents & Guardians,


This letter is pertinent. It is essential that you address the following concerns with your child.

The Grade 6 teachers are extremely concerned regarding your child’s none commitment to his/her school work, tests/examinations that are not adequately prepared for.


The following issues are constantly brought up:


  • School books not at school
  • Homework not done
  • Deadlines not met
  • Classwork not finished
  • Late for class
  • Effort not made to catch work up
  • Projects not done

The Educators have tried to speak to your child, from a professional point of view, about a lack of care in completing class work and homework, and arriving late for class. Work that is incomplete can have a detrimental outcome for your child. All assessments are important, they aid in promoting your child to the next grade.

It is essential that as parents you monitor your child’s homework, coupled with preparation for tests and examinations, after all, education is a partnership.

Grade 6 learners cannot afford to not do their work, classwork or homework. No one wants to fail!

Bad behaviour on the school premises, in the classrooms or, general disrespect to our educators, will not be tolerated.

Some learners have adopted a couldn’t care less attitude which, is apparent in their lack of focus, work, respect and attitude.

We urge you to address your child concerning their lack of commitment to passing grade 6.

There are a minority of learners who are committed, in everything they do. We commend them and, we thank their parents for their continuous support.

We trust that you would endeavour to support your child in their final years of Primary school. To remind them, at all times that the Code of Conduct must be adhered to. Respect for their educators and courteous behaviour at all times.

Please complete the acknowledgement slip attached and return to your child’s home room teacher.






Mrs Vigus-                                                                                                                                                Mr. Schunke

Discipline Manager                                                                                                                                  Headmaster