Nov 17

Grade 1 – Orientation day speech

Grade 1 – Orientation day Speech

A very warm welcome to you all and may I take this opportunity in officially welcoming you into the family of Parkrand Primary School.  In addressing you this morning I have pledged and promised all stakeholders that my speech will be short, sweet and to the point, as past lengthy speech have taught me how increasingly, and uncomfortable parents get with those unforgiving pain and hard chair (seat) can become.

As a school, we are committed to delivering the highest possible standards of education to your children.  We continue to deliver excellence to the children who come here, allowing them to flourish and grow into confident, well-rounded, happy and high-achieving girls and boys who can realise their personal best; prepared for the next stage of their education.

I’m often asked by prospective parents “Why should I send my child to Parkrand Primary?”  It’s a good question – there’s lots of choice out there in the world of primary education.  The best answer I can give them is to come and see for them!  Showing Parkrand Primary at work is something I take great pride in: inspiring teaching, well-behaved and inquisitive children, excellent resources, the confidence to succeed, boys and girls learning and playing together, fun, enthusiasm and engagement.  It’s hard to capture this in a photograph, or on a website or in a prospectus.

The success of a school is built on many things, but I believe at Parkrand Primary we have the R-factor!  RELATIONSHIPS.  It’s the relationships between parents and teachers, between teachers and children and between the children themselves that makes our school so successful.  My mission as Head, is to create and sustain a school where children AND staff want to be.  A school where children and staff come in through the doors into the school each and every day full of enthusiasm and optimism about what the day will bring.

Building relationships with parents is the key to helping a child succeed at school.  There are many formal and informal occasions for parents to meet with me and my staff at Parkrand Primary and I believe that this effort is with an opportunity of working together for a stranger school.

We really do listen to your views and act upon them.

Parkrand Primary PTA is a crucial link between parents and the school.  Working tirelessly for the benefit of the school, parents and children, they have plan successful events to build relationships across the entire school.  I would like to emphasize and without belabouring the point, it remains essential that you as parent make sure that school fees are paid timeously.  The school Governing carries 40 posts, state 30.  As you can see the majority of our budget is allocated to school fees.  To maintain our current standards in term of teaching and the beautiful gardens it remains important that you meet the payment of school fees.

Please read through your prospectus that you will find in your folder as this will provide you with a lot of information about our school.

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking you for enrolling and entrust your child’s into the hand of our educators.