Nov 23

General Letter

16 November 2015

Dear Parents & Guardians,


Several issues have arose that we need to bring to your attention to prevent them from continuing, these issues are interfering with the smooth running of our school.

School Bags:   Your child’s School bag must be a Parkrand School bag, the school colour with the badge. Or, the caddie   trolley bag that must be in dark blue – no other colours are permitted.  Plastic carrier bags are not permitted, branded bags, none branded bags are not permitted. If something extra is to be brought to school your child should use their sports bag.  All school bags are obtainable from Peephole in Boksburg: – 78 Market St, Johannesburg, 1459 phone 011 917 9685. Please ensure your child conforms to the Schools Code of Conduct.

Parcel drop off: As previously advised, any and all parcels may not be dropped off at our front office for collection by your child. Tuck money may also not be dropped off at front office. This “practise” causes a disruption to Education. Your child is called from their class to collect something from the front office, this in turns causes a disruption to the rest of their class. Your child needs to be organised. A packed bag any projects/show and tell should be organised the night before, in the morning it is just a matter of “pick up and go”. Organisation skills for a child help with self-discipline which, is greatly needed.

Phone Calls: Our switchboard and, consequently our secretaries have been very busy of late receiving parent calls. Calls to inform their child of this & that which, could have been communicated at home. These type of calls could have been avoided. Your child’s education is disrupted by these calls as, the message has to be passed on.  Please refrain from making these type of calls.

Girls School Dresses: This matter has been addressed previously, some girl learner’s dresses are far too short. There are stairs within our school, a short dress going up the stairs is not the correct behaviour when boys are following behind. Also, it does not look unified when some girls have short dresses (too far above the knees) and other girls have the correct length. Please conform to the Schools Code of Conduct.

Children that are not well: Please do not send your child to School unwell. We are experiencing an increasing number of children who arrive at school and immediately report they are not feeling well. These children are placed in the sick room and parents are called to come and collect them. This is timely and costly for a parent, for our school it means running the risk of spreading whatever may be ailing the child. Please listen to your child in the morning if they say they are not feeling well, determine yourself as the parent if this is correct or not. Illnesses spread very quickly within school as children are in such close proximity to each other and their teachers.

Grade 0 Parents:  Please note the gate to use for Grade 0 parents is gate 7. This is the closest gate to the Grade 0 centre and has been designed as such. Only and, if only you are late you are to use the front entrance. Increasingly we have parents using the front entrance to enter the school and walk through accompanying their child – this is not permitted, please use gate 7.


Racism: More and more this is presenting itself in our School unfortunately, from our children. This must stop, it will not be allowed in our school. We are all God’s children, from different cultures, backgrounds, countries. Our School will not tolerate racist remarks, racist accusations, racist bullying.

Anyone found to be using racist remarks or, behaving in a racist manner will be dealt with severely.

Whether we realize it or not racism, influences everyone in some manner or the other every day. Every so often the effects of racism are subtle, other times the effects are profoundly significant and often life changing and life threatening. Therefore, it will not be allowed in Parkrand Primary School.


“It demands great spiritual resilience not to hate the hater whose foot is on your neck, and an even greater miracle of perception and charity not to teach your child to hate.”
James Baldwin


Detention: Is mandatory after receiving five demerits. Detentions are within the Code of Conduct and, endorsed by the Governing Body. A child who does not attend his/her detention for medical reasons will do so the following Friday.

A child who bunks a detention will do so the following Friday. Parents need to check the demerits in their child’s school diary/message book to ascertain the reason for the demerits and, be aware their child will attend detention on the fifth one. Detention is mandatory, conflicts with parents concerning detentions will not be entertained, the demerits are in the diary and, an explanation furnished on the detention letter.







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Mrs Vigus-Brown                                                                                                                     Mr Schunke

Head of Discipline                                                                                                                    Headmaster