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Epworth Children's Village Donation

We are grateful to Mrs Du Barnard, Mrs Theunissen and their team for a wonderful and profitable "Golf Day". A portion of the funds raised has been used to support and assist Epworth Childrens' Village in Lambton, Germiston. A considerable amount of groceries has been donated to the institute. The lovely staff at Epworth have expressed their heartfelt gratitude.

Fundraiser Gholf day - 2017

Parkrand Primary FUNDRAISER Golf day Parkrand Primary School hosted a fundraiser golf day at the Royal Oak Country Club in Brakpan on 29 March 2017. The day started off with our fantastic RCL members assisting golfers with their golf bags, getting them registered and handing out the fantastic goodie bags. They also received a lunch pack, cooldrink and a much needed bottle of water. Temperatures were soaring! Our celebrity guests who attended were Brian Mitchell, Harold Volbrecht, Johnny Muller and Jannie Els. They joined some four balls for a great day of golfing fun. We had a wonderful celebrity Master of Ceremonies Mr Brian Mulder who, did a sterling job to get all the golfers onto the course for their 11 o’clock shotgun start. Mrs Anthea Basson was our very capable photographer catching all the golfers mid swing. After all the golfers had finished playing the course they all congregated under the function lapa. The gift table was absolutely amazing with all the sponsored gifts from various organisations. Our MC got the ball rolling and started the prizegiving and got everybody really excited. Some of the prizes that were won were given back in great spirit to be auctioned off which increased profits for the school. What a fun crowd attended! Some interesting sporting collectables and holidays were auctioned off to raise funds. We also had various raffles which were well supported. During the evening a lovely dinner spread sponsored by Stacey’s Catering was enjoyed by all. The day was a huge success and a great amount was raised for the school. A percentage of the money raised was then donated to a charity in Germiston by the name of Epworth Children’s Village. Mrs du Bernard and Mrs Theunissen accompanied by Mrs Moodley from Parkrand Primary visited the said charity on 15 May and delivered much needed food purchased from to money raised. They were extremely grateful for the donation from Parkrand Primary. A very big thank you must be given to all the parents who assisted with this function, as well as the companies who donated so generously. The RCL’s can hold their heads up high as we received so many compliments as to their helpfulness, behaviour and manners. WELL DONE RCL’s of 2017!!!! Your parents can be very proud!

Grandparents day - 2017

Grandparents’ Day – 5th of May 2017 Our annual grandparents’ day was held on the 5th of May 2017. Excitement mounted at the school as this special day approached the shores of Parkrand Primary School. A fun filled - programme was drawn up with exciting activities. This year the theme was Mexican and the hall was decorated accordingly with our Mexican waitresses serving our grandparents. Our school Principal, Mr Schunke opened the morning with an inspirational reading from the word of God, accompanied by a beautiful Christian song entitled “Because He Lives, I can face tomorrow”. Mr Schunke delivered the headmaster’s address. Please see below. Happy Grandparents’ Day Speech 2017 Good Morning to all our grandparents, aunts, uncles and guardians. A special welcome is extended to you all, I pray that on this special occasion you would feel welcome at our school, Parkrand Primary. Grandparents are the precious stalwarts of our families and are instrumental in shaping the very fabric of our lives. They lead us to the right path, holding our hands at every step, scolding us if we go wrong, encouraging us in our tough times, inspiring us to be the best and forever being the “Wind beneath our Wings…….”What better way could there be for the young generation to express their love, respect and gratitude towards them than on a day especially dedicated to them! A day when the grandparents are the Guests of Honour at our school, Parkrand Primary and are felicitated rightly so. The Grandparents’ Day celebration by the school is a humble way, taught to the students, for letting their grandparents know their irreplaceable role in their lives. We believe that progress with values, ascent with firm roots of family bonds, and academic excellence with compassion are the essential ingredients for the holistic development of a child. Grandparents’ Day Celebration is a significant milestone in the child’s journey in our school. A programme specially prepared for the grandparents over days of regular practice and over brimming excitement, makes the day a much awaited occasion by grandparents and grandchildren alike. Each class with their teacher’s help will strive to communicate in the most loving, innovative manner, their deep rooted emotions for their guardian angels; Our precious grandparents. The hustle bustle of the days’ preparation on the school premises reminded one of a joyous family function where all members of the Parkrand Primary Family are seen running around with urgency and excitement to get everything in order before the Guests of Honour arrive, and once they do, the rest is a walk in the park with both the hosts and the guests having the most awaited interaction of the year. My sincere gratitude and appreciation is extended to all our parents who have supported this day. To all the ladies who partook in decorating the school hall and tables, it looks very Mexicana, thank you for all your hard work and efforts and as they say in Spanish “Que tengas un buendien” - Enjoy your day. Conclusion Entertainment continued throughout the morning with Carlos Amorim entertaining our grandparents with Mexican music. Believe me entertainment it was – some of our grandparents can really jive and dance. Our grade R learners took their grandparents through the day by planting plants and doing craft activities. The day was sealed with so much love, enjoyment, kisses and pride as the grade R grandparents shared in an enjoyable day with their grandchildren. The highlight of the day was ended off by allowing the grade R learners to go home with their grandparents to enjoy more quality time with them. The school wishes to salute Mrs Paterson and Mrs Hill for all their hard work. To all our grade R parents, thank you for all your support. A special mention must be made to all our sponsors for their generous donations. Thank you for your support.

Netball - Parkrand vs Dawnpark - 2017

Netball match against Dawn Park, congratulations to the U/11's who won their match.

Entrepreneurs day - 2017

Entrepreneurship Day On the 6th of April 2017 the Grade 6’s took part in our annual Entrepreneurship Day. The learners prepared weeks in advance by designing and creating their merchandise. On the morning of the 6th they set up their stalls in the hall and at exactly eight o’clock the fun started, for most of the day. The rest of the school had a chance to do “shopping” in the hall, even the teachers couldn’t resist the delicious food and cupcakes that were for sale. Each Grade 6 learner definitely had a valuable learning experience apart from earning some extra money. Learners will remember this day for many years to come.

Grade R Sportsday 2017

The Grade R Fun Sports Day was enjoyed by all. Was attended by Shangri-La and Curro Helderwyk.

Blav athletics

Blav Athletics held on 17th February 2017

RCL Camp - 29 January 2017

2017 Prefect Camp Jarrod Theunissen There was great excitement as we got onto the bus for our RCL Camp, the vibe was electric. We started our long trip to the campsite and on the way stopped for lunch at Burger King. We enjoyed our meals, posed for a quick photograph to console our Moms and got back onto the bus. Upon arriving at the camp we were introduced to the guide, who then showed us to our rooms. It was scorching hot, so we were allowed to go for a dip in the pool, before going to the obstacle course. We endured many physical and mental challenges at the obstacle course which put our team working abilities to the test. We then went to eat supper and embarked on our night hike. We hiked up the mountain and stopped in the centre of the Vredefort Dome which is the largest impact crater on earth. We were instructed to switch our torches off and listened to the various sound around us. The guide told us interesting information about the Dome, after which, we walked back to the camp with the fear of the unknown ahead of us. Back at the camp it was already time for lights out, the boys obeyed but the girls stayed up late! We arose feeling fresh and went for a super breakfast. We were then taught how to make a Macrame bracelet which was really creative and fun. We then went abseiling which was exhilarating. It was really scary for those who were afraid of heights but they still enjoyed it. Next up was archery, we were all enjoying it and had a competition to see who could hit the most targets. The boys enjoyed it the most but were more excited for the paintball. We split into two teams, the Cops and Robbers. In the final round I snuck into the enemy base to grab their flag but to my surprise I was shot by my very own Principal Mr Schunke! The Cops won the game. After the paintball we did the Adventure Race which included many different fun and teamwork-based activities. We then went to swim and cool off before supper. Next it was time to play Noot-vir-Noot which got everyone thinking and it turned out to be an interesting activity. As the day came to an end we were all sad it was over but it was time to sleep. The next morning we packed our bags and ate before leaving to go back home. I think I can speak for all of the prefects by saying that we had an amazing time at the campsite. Thank you to all of the Educators who accompanied us and kept us safe. TRUE BLOOD Angelica Simpson Individually we are one drop but together we are an ocean -anonymous Teamwork is an essential part in being a prefect, last week the prefects of Parkrand Primary went to H & H Adventures in Potchefstroom for three days of jam-packed fun, lessons and team building activities. It was a long ride there but as soon as we got to Potchefstroom we had lunch at Burger Kind and set off to find our camp grounds. As we got there we all went and unpacked, and started with our first activity, THE SPIDER WEB! By the end of the day we all made gourmet potjie and after that we went on an awesome night hike and sat under the stars admiring the beauties of God’s creations and discussed the meaning of life. The next day we all woke up and had a delicious breakfast and then went abseiling and helped each other conquer our fears. Then we learnt the fine art of hunting with a bow and arrow and also swam, this is just to name a few of the fun things we did. For our future reference Mr Schunke is the paintball master and you will never see him coming! It was a blessing for him and all the other teachers to join us in the fun and games. All the information we have learnt that will help us this year and that has given us the tools to grow into successful young adults. Thank you, Mr Schunke, Coach Maryke, Mrs Ebersohn and Mrs Kruger for the wonderful experience, your love and guidance. From the prefect body of 2017. Crazy Camp Dylan du Bernard The first day we all got to school and we were excited. When the bell rang for us to go I was pumped with excitement. It was about two and a half hours, then we stopped at Burger King and ate lunch then we travelled for another 20 minutes. When we got there it was boiling hot, our instructor said that we could go and swim. After the swimming we made our very own potjie kos. After eating we went on a night hike and learnt about the heritage site in Venterskroon. When we got back we went to bed. On the second day we woke up early and ate breakfast. After breakfast we made these awesome bracelets, then we did abseiling which was frightening. When everyone finally came down we did archery, there were four targets a bear, a duck, a monkey and a boar. When we finished that, we did paintball with slingshots. Our instructor said that it was very hot so we swam, after swimming we did a lot of activites that involved team work. The last activity was the most stressful activity it was called an ‘A frame’. Thereafter we swam, had dinner and played ‘guess the song’ for two hours. We went to bed and the next morning we ate breakfast, packed our bags and left to go home. I thought that the camp was “AWESOME”

Rugga Kidz

Grade RE Waterday

Wag 'n bietjie Farmyard visit

WAG ‘N BIETJIE FARMYARD VISIT Grade R’s went on a visit to the farm in Olifantsfontein. It is an excellent venue, and well organised. The bus trip is part of the excitement as several learners have never had the opportunity of travelling on a bus. Learners are divided into groups and led from area to area by a guide, who explained the habitat, diet, etc of each animal. It was educational fun and tiring. All learners fell asleep on the way home, what a tiring day.

Valentine's Day

VALENTINES DAY This is a fun day where class reps make several goodies for the learners to take home and they make wonderful items like love crowns, necklaces, etc. We decorate the Grade R centre and all participants wore red. Cupid was out with his arrow aimed at all the beautiful girls and ‘some naughty boys’.

Grandparents' Day

GRANDPARENT’S DAY This is one of the highlights of the Grade R calendar. The theme this year was Nautical. We had entertainment by Carlos Amorim first. We had a number of joyous grandparents who took to dancing the morning away. Each grandparent received a goody bag, jam packed with items donated by companies or the parents. Our parents catered for all the wonderful food. The grandparents participated in a few activities (planting a seedling in a pot to take home) and visited the Grade R centre to view their grandchild’s workbooks etc, purchase (donation) their art work on display and have a photo taken together. Our sincere thanks go to all our class reps.

Spur Outing

SPUR OUTING Our sincere gratitude is extended to all our learners for the ‘build-a-brick’ fundraiser undertaken in the 1st term. A percentage of this goes towards the Family Walk. SPUR staff go the extra mile for a minimal amount spent, we received balloons, crowns, masks, face painting and supervised play on the equipment as well as colouring in and prizes to take home.

Scrapbooking Day

SCRAPBOOKING DAY ‘Shades of Green’ was this year’s theme, hosted by Sarah Truscott. It is open to all and can accommodate approximately 40 – 50 ladies. It offers a full day or half day programme completing either one or two layouts. The offer includes morning and afternoon tea and a sit down lunch. It includes a charity drive each year. This year we raffled off prizes left over from Grandparents Day and we were able to fill extra Santa’s Shoeboxes.

Merit Awards

MERIT AWARD WINNERS Learner’s that have 10 or more stars in their workbooks, qualified for a visit to Mr Schunke for a stamp and a delicious chocolate.

Graduation Concert

GRADUATION / CONCERT This is an annual event. The current Grade 7 learners that attended Grade R at Parkrand, led the current Grade R graduates onto the stage in a short lighting ceremony. The Grade 7’s snuffed out their candles and lit the Grade R’s candles before singing the school song with them, for the last time. We ended the evening with a fun concert of dance routines performed by the Gr R’s. The theme this year was ‘Dances of the Decades’.

Santa's Shoebox Drive

SANTA’S SHOEBOX DRIVE We pledged 64 boxes this year. Parents were invited to participate (this was optional) and then supplied with a box and instructions for filling the box. Educators took the boxes to the drop off at a depot in Jet Park and several of the Class Reps volunteered their services at the depot.

Fathers Day / Sport Day

FATHER’S DAY / SPORTS DAY For the first time this year we tried something different and were delighted by the response. Every child was represented by a grandfather or uncle if dad wasn’t available. We asked the coaches to arrange a fun sports morning – dads with sons played soccer (dads had to play with their shoe laces tied together) Dads with daughter’s played a fruitful netball game. Dads had to play with one hand and could only ‘shoot’ if they stood on one leg. What an awesome fun morning and it was such good bonding time as the moms were not available to step in and take over as usual. We served boerewors rolls and chicken rolls. The head prefects helped out with the braai and keeping everyone hydrated.

Easter Bunny / Easter Hat Competition

EASTER BUNNY VISIT / EASTER HAT COMPETITION Usually one of the coaches obliges to be our Easter bunny. This year we had an outsider come in and entertain the learners, arranged by one of our class reps. Learners won prizes for the beautiful hats that they made.

Dress up Day

THEMED DRESS UP DAYS We had a superb Pirate day to fit in with the Transport theme.

Cupcakes for Cancer

CUPCAKES FOR CANCER – CHARITY DRIVE Learners all wore yellow for children’s cancer awareness and iced cupcakes that their parents pledged as a donation. We raised between R1 700-00 – R2 000-00, well done to all our parents. An ex-parent is one of the organisers for this charity and supplies the cupcakes, beautifully presented in a cake box with icing and toppings, plastic knife, etc. which learners’ took home. Helium balloons were released at the end of our morning, in memory of those who have lost their lives to childhood cancer. This touched deep emotions.

Concert - 2016

Our annual School Production - The princess and the frog - was staged during the week of the 29th of August 2016. Learners from grade 1 to grade 7 were given the opportunity to participate in their various dance groups. Everyone had lots of fun and our very talented main cast impressed everyone with the interpretation of their different characters, and in the end they all lived happily ever after... or until next year...

Entrepreneurs 2016

On the 29th of July 2016 the Grade 6 learners hosted their annual Entrepreneurship day. The day started with lots of excitement when the Grade 6's and their parents set up their various stalls. The learners impressed us with their creativity and entrepreneurship skills as there were lots of different goodies to buy and delicious foods to fill up our tummies. Overall the day was a huge success. Well done Grade 6's!

Big Walk 2016

Big Walk 2016 Our Big Walk that was held on the 28th May 2016 was a big success, we would like to thank Mrs Schunke and all members of staff, our PTA of dedicated mom’s and all parents who supported the fundraiser. A big thank you to all who came out to support the day and fun was had by all. The walk took a different route this year and we are grateful for the help of the local CPF to ensure everyone’s safety, the learners were very excited with their gold medals they won for coming in the top 400. We had a vast range of food stalls and our slush puppy and tombola stalls were a major hit. We had over 17 fun inflatable rides for the learners to enjoy plus the extra thrill of the ghost house, laser tag games and games truck. Sandart and ceramic painting kept old and young busy with their masterpieces for hours. Many a happy face was painted and hair sprayed ll colours of the rainbow along with tattoos. The bash a car proved to be fun for young and old and was a heap of steel once we were done with it. On Cue theatre put on a production like no other and amused the crowd, Saving Silence was up next and kept everyone in a festive and relaxed mood. We drew a few raffles and would like congratulate our winners. Enjoy your prizes. Thank you to all the companies who contributed to the days success, they are: • Netcare 911 and their team for looking after us so well • Cruises International for the generous 300 medals donation • Calisto Tamele for the generous 100 medals donation • Drink o pop for the donation of the juices • Pureau water for the donation of the water sachets • Jenita for the ice donation • Gas Boys for their cash donation • Meat world for their 10kg wors donation • Dawood for the discounted price for chicken burgers • Postnet Parkrand for the printing • PNA Parkrand for the face paint • Enterprise foods for the sausages • Anonymous donation of the rolls • Malcolm Tait for Main event catering • Joey Steel for all the sauces • TOYOTA for their car display • ITS MINE for the vouchers on raffle • Saint Sports for the donation of two stunning bikes we were able to raffle off • House of coffees in Springs for hot chocolate donation • CeeBee debt management for their cash donation • Deans Stationers for their cash donation and stationery for our tombola stall • EduPac for their cash donation • Morbooks for their cash donation • Caxton publishers for their donation for tombola stall • Black Diamond for the donation of briquettes • Shereno printers for the lovely colour flyers • Makro donated boxes of water • JM electronic for the satellite dish connection • Kulfi’s for their discount on ice creams • Mario for Ngasese for the donation of guards, ensuring everyone’s safety – much appreciated. Thank you Kind regards

Grandparents day

Netball Camp

Our U/10 and U/13 netball teams went to Camp Discovery during the March / April holidays. There were over 400 girls attending this camp and our girls and coaches gained a lot of experience and skill development was undertaken. All teams were spoiled with a game drive, played matches and undertook team building. Thank you to Coach Kiki, Mrs M Louw, Mrs Pillay and Mrs Lessing for accompanying the girls.

Easter Hat Parade – 2016

Easter Hat Parade – 2016 On the 10th March 2016 Parkrand Primary learners were afforded the opportunity to enter the Easter Hat Parade form Grade R to Grade 7. Learners decorated their individual hats at home and were judged by the School Management Team. A first, second and third prize was awarded to the respective prize winners. This certainly was not an easy task for the School Management Team to undertake, as there were so many beautiful hats form which to choose from. The first prize was that of an underwater disposable camera and was won by a Grade 5 learner, Courtney Mooi. The second prize was a set of poster paints with decorative paint brushes and was awarded to Brandon Benn in Grade 2. The third prize consisted of two Adventure golf tickets and was won by a Grade 7 learner Hannah van Wyk. Each participant was treated to a marshmallow Easter egg and was thanked by our Principal, Mr Schunke for their enthusiasm and creative work. We wish to thank our parents for allowing their children to participate in this event.


Lethabo Molotsha, Oratile Mawane and Kamohelo Tsotsetsi receive Central Gauteng colors and will be competing at the Gauteng Championship on the 26th and 27th of March. Lethabo - 60m and 80m boys u/9, came first in both races at D6 Oratile - long jump boys u/10, came first at D6 Kamohelo - 100m boys u/12, came third at D6

Special Assembly - Athletics

23 FEBURARY 2016 Parkrand Primary held a Special Assembly in honour of all the athletes who participated in the very successful athletics season. Parents of athletes were invited to be part of this function and enjoy in the learners’ achievements. The school would like to take this opportunity in congratulating each athlete. Well done boys and girls!


Casey Jarvis

Casey managed to win the Optimist World Junior Championships held in Palm Beach Florida for the 2nd time in a row. This making him the 1st South African to win the Title consecutively.

Big Walk

Our annual Big Walk was held on 29th of August 2015.10.02

Mental Mathematics Cluster Challenge

These learners entered the Mental Mathematics Cluster Challenge held at Martin Primary School. The three boys went on to the next round. Armin Moradi (Grade 5) took third place, and Dylan Kemper in Grade 4 and Ashish Sookdew came first. Congratulations to these boys! We are proud of you.

Hockey Tour U/13

Our hockey tour to Sportweni – Port Shepstone during July holidays was a big success.