May 18

Cyber Bullying

18 May 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Unfortunately we have experienced a few cases of cyber bullying within our School.

Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites. Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumours sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.

Cyberbullying can happen 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and reach a child even when he or she is alone. It can happen    any time of the day or night.

Cyberbullying messages and images can be posted anonymously and distributed quickly to a very wide audience. It can     be difficult and sometimes impossible to trace the source.

Deleting inappropriate or harassing messages, texts, and pictures is extremely difficult after they have been posted or     sent.

Effects of Cyberbullying

Cell phones and computers themselves are not to blame for cyberbullying. Social media sites can be used for positive activities, like connecting children with friends and family, helping students with school, and for entertainment. But these tools can also be used to hurt other people. Whether done in person or through technology, the effects of bullying are similar.

Children who are cyberbullied are more likely to:

  • Use alcohol and drugs
  • Skip school
  • Experience in-person bullying
  • Be unwilling to attend school
  • Receive poor grades
  • Have lower self-esteem
  • Have more health problems


Cyber bullying is against the law, the Act is The Protection from Harassment Act.

We urge all parents/guardians to be vigilant concerning your child’s cell phone, tablet, and computer – all forms of electronic devices that can be used for social interaction. Know who your child is communicating with, check websites they often visit, check cell phones that you yourself are paying for.




Mrs Vigus-Brown                                     Mrs Moodley                                                         Mr. Schunke

HEAD OF DISCIPLINE                           HOD GUIDANCE                                                HEADMASTER