Jun 08

Chat Groups and Social Media

Dear Parents / Guardians,


Chat Groups and Social Media

We feel it is our responsibility as a SGB to raise an issue which is of a grave concern to us.  A number of parents are engaging in using social media platforms to voice their opinions about educators, the school in general, demerits and homework.  Social media can be an excellent way of communicating with the wider school community.  However, it is our hope that this is done in a prudent and most efficient way possible.  There have been increasing numbers of incidents where, parents or guardians and other individuals are making comments about the school, the staff and sometimes other parents, which seem to be offensive and unwarranted.

As the SGB we would like to encourage all those who are associated with Parkrand Primary School to rather implement the following steps, if you have concerns.

 Firstly, express your concerns with the school and those associated with your concern in a meeting or contact the relevant educator or member of staff.  Your concern will then be addressed in a professional manner.

Secondly, avoid posting comments that are emotional or harmful, particularly if the school has not yet been afforded the chance to investigate the complaint or concern.  We request you, as representatives of the SGB, to provide the school with the opportunity to help address and solve your concerns.

Thirdly, to those parents who do adhere to such procedures we appreciate your support.  We  encourage parents to kindly bring to our attention any further attempts to bring our school and staff into disrepute.  As a SGB we will seek legal advice and hold such persons accountable for their actions.  A reminder to all members of the Parkrand Primary family, any form of defamation of character can be taken up legally.

Class Reps

We truly appreciate having class reps in our school.  However, we wish to remind those parents who are class reps to continually act in the best interest of the school and conduct oneself in a professional manner at all times whilst adhering to the school’s code of conduct.  Class Reps are not convenient platforms to raise concerns about educators, discipline and the school in general.


We wish to encourage our parents to respect our educators by effectively implementing the School’s Code of Conduct whilst disciplining learners.

Parkrand Primary School’s Code of Conduct is available in your child’s diary.   We would like to encourage all our parents to peruse the Code of Conduct which is available in your child’s diary.

As a SGB, we are proud to be associated with Parkrand Primary.  We are proud of our Principal, educators, general assistants, support staff and learners that attend our school and for those parents who support our school.



 Yours in education

The SGB of Parkrand Primary School