Jun 14

Big Walk 2016

Big Walk 2016

Our Big Walk that was held on the 28th May 2016 was a big success, we would like to thank Mrs Schunke and all members of staff, our PTA of dedicated mom’s and all parents who supported the fundraiser.

A big thank you to all who came out to support the day and fun was had by all.

The walk took a different route this year and we are grateful for the help of the local CPF to ensure everyone’s safety, the learners were very excited with their gold medals they won for coming in the top 400.

We had a vast range of food stalls and our slush puppy and tombola stalls were a major hit.

We had over 17 fun inflatable rides for the learners to enjoy plus the extra thrill of the ghost house, laser tag games and games truck.

Sandart and ceramic painting kept old and young busy with their masterpieces for hours.

Many a happy face was painted and hair sprayed ll colours of the rainbow along with tattoos.

The bash a car proved to be fun for young and old and was a heap of steel once we were done with it.

On Cue theatre put on a production like no other and amused the crowd, Saving Silence was up next and kept everyone in a festive and relaxed mood.

We drew a few raffles and would like congratulate our winners.  Enjoy your prizes.

Thank you to all the companies who contributed to the days success, they are:

  • Netcare 911 and their team for looking after us so well
  • Cruises International for the generous 300 medals donation
  • Calisto Tamele for the generous 100 medals donation
  • Drink o pop for the donation of the juices
  • Pureau water for the donation of the water sachets
  • Jenita for the ice donation
  • Gas Boys for their cash donation
  • Meat world for their 10kg wors donation
  • Dawood for the discounted price for chicken burgers
  • Postnet Parkrand for the printing
  • PNA Parkrand for the face paint
  • Enterprise foods for the sausages
  • Anonymous donation of the rolls
  • Malcolm Tait for Main event catering
  • Joey Steel for all the sauces
  • TOYOTA for their car display
  • ITS MINE for the vouchers on raffle
  • Saint Sports for the donation of two stunning bikes we were able to raffle off
  • House of coffees in Springs for hot chocolate donation
  • CeeBee debt management for their cash donation
  • Deans Stationers for their cash donation and stationery for our tombola stall
  • EduPac for their cash donation
  • Morbooks for their cash donation
  • Caxton publishers for their donation for tombola stall
  • Black Diamond for the donation of briquettes
  • Shereno printers for the lovely colour flyers
  • Makro donated boxes of water
  • JM electronic for the satellite dish connection
  • Kulfi’s for their discount on ice creams
  • Mario for Ngasese for the donation of guards, ensuring everyone’s safety – much appreciated.


Thank you



Kind regards