Jan 14

A letter from the desk of the Disciplinary officer

14 January 2016

Dear Parents & Guardians,

Welcome back to Parkrand Primary and a warm welcome to our new parents.

Until and including the 15th January 2016 Grade 1 pupils may be collected from their classrooms.

From the 18th January 2016 this can no longer take place, grade 1 pupils must then enter school through gate number 3, taking note please that parents may not enter through this gate.

Gate number 3 will also be the collection point for Grade 1’s where parents can wait for their children.

The initiation period has been spent, we wish our children to feel integrated and, comfortable enough to go to his/her classroom without a parent. A weeping/upset child in the classroom doorway can cause other children to become upset, we would not want this to happen. We do understand that separation can be difficult for some but, the sooner this is dealt with the easier the journey is.


Grade R parents may accompany their children onto School property until and including 15 January 2016.

This must please be done through gate number 6 which, is diagonally opposite the Grade R center.

Parents do not enter our school through our reception area and walk through the school to reach the Grade R center.


All visitors to Parkrand Primary must please present themselves to our reception area where, they are required to complete a register and, obtain a “visitors card” which is to be worn. Parents are not allowed onto School property without this.


As a school we pride ourselves on our security levels for our children, teachers and staff and, are not prepared to compromise this.


Parcel drop off.   Any and all parcels may not be dropped off at our front office for collection by your child. Tuck money

may also not be dropped off at the front office. This “practice” causes a disruption to Education. Your child is called from their class to collect something from the front office, this in turn causes a disruption to the rest of the class. Your child needs to be organized. A packed bag any projects/show and tell should be organized the night before, in the morning it is just a matter of pick up and go. Organization skills for a child help with self-discipline which, is greatly needed.

Please do not put our reception staff in a compromising position concerning this matter – they are instructed not to accept articles being dropped off.


Parents are asked please to make appointments with teachers if you wish to speak with one.

Please do not accompany your child to the classroom and expect the teacher to meet with you.

Classroom time is Education time, this cannot be compromised.






Mrs Vigus-Brown                                                                                                             Mr. Schunke

HOD DISCIPLINE                                                                                                            HEADMASTER                                       D1/2016